Q Arabica Combo Course - $2250

Experience a Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam at The Crown, a prestigious SCA Premier Campus situated in the heart of Oakland's bustling coffee community. Led by renowned expert Trish Rothgeb, this comprehensive course will hone your palate and elevate your coffee tasting skills to a professional level.

About the Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam

This six-day Q Arabica Grader Training and Exams course is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of grading, cupping, and evaluating specialty coffee. The first three days focus on theory and practice, while the remaining three are dedicated to a variety of exams that test sensory abilities and knowledge in areas such as taste, smell, and discrimination. Due to the rigorous nature of the course, some students may need to retake certain exams in order to obtain certification.

Who Should Attend

The Q Arabica Grader Certification Course caters to a diverse group of individuals seeking to evaluate coffee quality through comprehensive training and examination. 

Q Arabica Grader Training and Exam Course Overview

The Q Arabica Combo Course is divided into two parts: a 3-day theoretical component followed by a series of 20 exams. These exams assess the cuppers' skills in traditional cupping, including olfactory senses, green coffee grading, acid identification, basic cupping skills, sensory skills, and roasted coffee evaluations. Upon successful completion of the course and exams, students may receive a Q Grader certificate that is valid for 36 months. 


For those of you who are retaking a test module at this Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam, you are welcome to attend the practice session of the module you are retaking so that the material is fresh in your mind. We will provide you with a full schedule of the Course so that you can plan your time with us.

To access your retake tickets, please use the promo code "ilovecoffee" after clicking through the BUY TICKETS button.

Your first retake is $350, and subsequent retakes during the same session are $150 each.


Important: After You Register

After you register, please visit the Coffee Quality Institute website and create an account. Make sure to enroll in the class here as well to keep all your records current: https://database.coffeeinstitute.org/course/6159

If you have any questions, send and email to egilman(at)royalcoffee.com

Cancellation Policy

From time to time, we may need to reschedule or cancel our classes and events here at The Crown. If this is the case, we will provide as much notice as possible and will do our best to accommodate you. For our out of town guests, we strongly encourage you to use travel insurance and/or book flexible airline tickets & accommodation if your class or event is rescheduled or cancelled.

Should you need to cancel your attendance for any reason, or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, please let us know immediately and we will do our best to work with you!

Covid Policy

If you’re feeling unwell, please do not attend this event. We will be working closely together and may share cups at some points during the training.

Antigen tests will be made available on-site for testing before the event.

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