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Discover the science and art of coffee!

We're Trish Rothgeb, and Dan Streetman.  Two veteran coffee professionals who are partnering to bring our experience to curious coffee lovers.  Our favorite part of coffee is drinking it, and sharing the many different facets of what makes it so special.  We've started Good Form to work with coffee professionals and enthusiasts who want to learn more about coffee.

We'd love to share experience, knowledge and exploration with you!  

Trish Rothgeb

Trish Rothgeb is CEO, co-founder, and Roastmaster for Wrecking Ball Coffee roasters in San
Francisco, California. Her experience in the industry spans over 35 years as a coffee roaster,
quality control specialist, green coffee buyer, and entrepreneur. She teaches quality evaluation
practices to coffee professionals around the world.


Trish is a Q Arabica Grader, Q Robusta Grader, and credentialed QE Instructor for the Coffee
Quality Institute. She has served on the SCAA’s Roasters Guild Executive Council, was a charter
member of the World Barista Championship Board of Directors and a founding member of the
Barista Guild of America.
Trish and is credited with coining the term "third wave coffee" and identifying its relevant
concepts. The James Beard Foundation, the preeminent non-profit organization celebrating
food and beverage culture in the USA, awarded Trish with a fellowship in the Women’s
Entrepreneurial Leadership 2019 cohort.

From 2013 to 2016, Trish was on staff at the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) as the Director of
Programs: Q and Educational Services. She rejoined the CQI team in late 2022 and now holds
the position of Quality Evaluation Specialist in addition to her work with Wrecking Ball.

Dan Streetman

Dan Streetman is the Founder of Bird and Bear Coffee in San Francisco, California. His experience in coffee started in 2003 as a barista, where he fell in love with coffee's flavors. His quest to understand where that flavor comes from would take him on a lifelong journey. Dan has worked as a barista, cafe manager, coffee buyer, roaster, consultant and entrepeneur. Dan teaches barista skills, roasting, cupping, and coffee brewing to coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Dan is a Authorized SCA Trainer by the Specialty Coffee Association, and Q Arabica Grader (certified coffee cupper). Dan has also served as:

  • Chair of Barista Guild of America Executive Council,
  • The World Barista Championship Board of Directors
  • World Barista Championship Head Judge
  • World Coffee in Good Spirits Judge
  • Awarded "Special Contribution to Specialty Coffee" by SCA in 2013

Dan also manages the roasting operations at Pulley Collective, a co-roasting space in Oakland, California.

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